Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ann Sinnott, Author, "Breastfeeding Older Children"

February 21, 2012

To Mark Zuckerberg and Co

With adverse publicity all over the press and protests, real and virtual, breaking out all over, surely you now realise the absurdity of your stance toward breastfeeding photos? 

You have dug a hole for Fb and you know it! Your shifting parameters are ample testimony! Last year, you objected to the sight of a nipple (ignoring the fact that many women have large areolas which visibly extend beyond an infant’s mouth); this year, your objection is to the sight of a breast not actually being fed from.

In your recent statement, the protection of minors was cited as the reason you ban these innocent images. How spurious! How can you equate non-sexual images of children breastfeeding, with pornographic images that proliferate on countless Fb pages. If you were really protective of minors you would remove really offensive images: copulation partly shown (cropping does nothing to disguise) and provocatively sexualised near naked images of the female form (perhaps the male form too). I know what I’d prefer my child, or any other child, to see!

You also say you only remove photos when you receive complaints. What a cop out! Aren’t you capable of judging whether an image is offensive or not? 

So, come on, it’s time you admitted that, when working out your nudity guidelines, breastfeeding simply never crossed your minds! That’s no surprise – and merely reflects a bottlefeeding culture. 

But the health and social ramifications of artificial feeding are legion, and we are all affected! It’s not for nothing that governments around the world pile cash into breastfeeding promotion and support – not only for the growth and maintenance of physical health but also, and this is now becoming ever clearer, for optimal neural development and resultant psychosocial adjustment; both of these, in both childhood and in later adulthood.

It’s high time that Fb had a degree of social responsibility built into its structure!

Mothers encourage other mothers, and a picture is worth a thousand words!

So, admit your error (you will gain standing, not lose it), and facilitate.

Ann Sinnott
Breastfeeding Older Children
Free Association Press, 2010


  1. Well written! Let's hope FB pays attention.

  2. Ann Sinnott, is a wonderful woman, a fascinating, passionate individual who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in..Ann, i had the absolute pleasure of meeting you at Bournemouth Conference..You also met my little boy with the lovely you 'put' it so kindly.Ann, i am right with you on your beliefs for us BF women and for bringing this natural nurturing to the 'fore' a truly wonderful day and a pleasure to meet you..Thank

  3. dorsetali


    I remember you and your lovely boy, and sorry I didn't get your name.

    It was a great conference with well-chosen speakers whose themes were complementary, so there was a good sense of cohesion. I especially valued John Carnochan's presentation, which illustrated so well why early years care is so important – wasn't David's time-line devastating? It was heartening to learn that so many health practitioners, the majority of 200 attendees, approve of long-term breastfeeding. Reinforced my sense that change is underway!